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How Does Dental Health Relate to Overall Health?

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Dynamic Dental
How Does Dental Health Relate to Overall Health?Your oral is essential and predominantly affects your overall health. Any infection in your mouth can systemically spread and affect other areas in your body. Safeguarding your oral health also ensures your overall health is good.

Connection Between Dental Health and your Overall Health

Your mouth is an entry point to other systems, such as the respiratory and digestive. Any harmful bacteria in your mouth can cause diseases in other systems. Poor dental practices can cause bacteria to accumulate in your mouth and cause gum disease and tooth decay. The oral bacteria that cause periodontitis is linked to other diseases, such as heart conditions.

The bacteria from your mouth can spread through the bloodstream, affect specific areas of your heart, such as the valves, and cause endocarditis. Some studies also claim that oral bacteria is also linked to stroke. Periodontitis is also believed to affect unborn babies leading to low birth weight and, in severe circumstances, premature birth.

Conditions that Affect Your Dental Health

Your dental health can also be compromised if you have underlying medical conditions. A condition such as diabetes compromises your immune system putting you at risk of gum diseases. HIV/AIDS can also cause oral lesions. Osteoporosis, on the other hand, causes tooth loss and bone loss.

How to Safeguard your Dental Health and Overall, Health

Since your dental health can directly or indirectly affect your overall health, you must be proactive in adopting the best dental practices. Ensure you brush and floss your teeth to eliminate food particles and plaque. When brushing, use a soft-bristled toothbrush which does not injure your gums; fluoride toothpaste is most recommended as it helps strengthen your enamel and minimizes chances of tooth carries or chips. Eating a healthy diet and refraining from sugary and acidic foods and drinks ensures good dental health. Also, make regular dental visits to clean your teeth professionally and detect any signs of dental issues.
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