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Dynamic Dental Care
Dynamic Dental Care
Dynamic Dental Care

Dynamic Dental Care
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Our Technology
Spokane, WA

At Dynamic Dental Care we use cutting-edge dental technology to provide you with safe, fast, and effective results!

Dental CEREC machine technology

Same Day Crowns

Same-day dental crowns allow for tooth preparation, impression, and crown fabrication in a single appointment.

Read more about our one-day and traditional crowns.

Gloved doctor's hands pointing to digital dental x-ray with pen

Digital X-Ray

Digital x-rays provide faster, safer, and more flexible imaging, enabling instant retakes and valuable insights into your oral health.

Read more about digital x-rays.

Cone beam CT scan machine technology

3D Imaging - Cone Beam CT Scan

A cone beam CT scan is a diagnostic tool that produces a 3D representation of your teeth, gums, nerve pathways, and underlying bone structure within a single image.

Intraoral camera on desk near dental equipment

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera, resembling a wand, captures high-speed, detailed images of your mouth, sometimes used to create digital impressions, especially beneficial for same-day dental crowns.

Artificial Intelligence Diagnostics

Harnessing the power of AI for precision-driven diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.

Overjet logoAI diagnosis of teeth

Patient looking at smile in blue handheld mirror

Diagnodent Cavity Detector

The diagnodent laser helps detect tooth decay in its early stages by measuring laser fluorescence in the tooth's mineral structure, enabling cost-effective treatment before extensive restoration is needed.

PreVu logo

Digital Smile Design

Visualize your perfect smile before treatment begins.

Rendering of soft tissue laser in front of teeth and gums

Soft Tissue Laser

A soft tissue laser offers simultaneous cutting and cauterization, reducing bleeding, discomfort, and swelling, making it useful for treating periodontal disease, enhancing gum aesthetics, and performing crown lengthening procedures.

Box of OraVerse injections

Anesthetic Reversal

A faster return to sensation after procedures, reducing discomfort.

Isolite Comfort

Isolite Comfort

Relax with our Isolite patient comfort mouthrest during treatments.

Chalk writing on gray background that reads 'Welcome to the judgement free zone'

Customized Hygiene

Our hygienists listen and tailor your cleaning experience to your preferences.

Private treatment room at Dynamic Dental Care in Spokane, WA

Private Treatment Rooms

Experience comfort and privacy in our exclusive treatment rooms.

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Our Technology | Dynamic Dental Care | Spokane, WA
Dynamic Dental Care, uses cutting-edge dental technology to provide our patients with safe, fast, and effective results!
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