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Emergency Dentistry
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Concerned white patient discussing her tooth pain with her dentist while sitting in a dental chairEmergency dentistry is our commitment to providing immediate relief when dental crises strike. At our Dynamic Dental Care, we realize toothaches happen, and we can help. Our dedicated team is well-prepared to address your urgent dental needs. Same-day appointments are already reserved in advance so when the patient calls, we are ready to get you in. Whether it's a sudden toothache, a broken tooth, or any other dental emergency, we're here to provide prompt and expert care, ensuring your oral health is in safe hands when you need it most.

Preparation for any emergency is key, including a dental emergency. Learning some tips can help you know what to do and feel less stress when the unexpected arises. At Dynamic Dental Care, we have prepared for emergency situations by leaving some spots open each day to take those immediate appointments, and have created relationships with partners to have you be seen outside of normal hours. Working together, we can help you feel confident in every situation, including the unplanned.

When a dental problem arises, contact our office immediately. We can help. In addition, the following tips can help you in a time of emergency, including:
•  Pain Relief: Toothache, cracked teeth, broken teeth, painful gums, and more, can be more than frustrating, they can be distracting or even cause you to lose a night’s sleep. When pain arises, contact our team for an appointment or further instruction. In the meantime, there are some ways to alleviate pain. First, we recommend brushing, flossing and rinsing. Pain can be caused by irritation of food debris or something lodged in spaces. Swishing some warm water and salt that is then spit out can help reduce infection. An over the counter pain reliever taken as directed can provide temporary relief. Applying a cold compress can reduce swelling in areas that are inflamed. Finally, if a tooth is broken and the dentin layer is exposed, it can be quite painful and needs to be remedied at our office. If you can not be seen immediately, there is a dental putty that can be purchased at any drug store that can be applied over the broken area to cover the dentin layer, it should reduce your pain.
•  Broken Teeth: If a tooth breaks, we recommend saving the broken pieces when possible. Simply place the piece in a cup of milk and contact our office. In some cases, we may be able to restore the piece in place, though often a crown is still necessary to provide added strength to the tooth.
•  Knocked Out Tooth: If a tooth is entirely avulsed, or knocked out, time can be critical to its restoration. Teeth can be forced from their root from any number of impact injuries, though is most commonly seen on the sports field. If this happens, the best course of action is an immediate rinse from a water bottle, followed by placing the tooth right back in its socket. Do not scratch off or remove any debris from the tooth as it may be necessary ligaments that you are removing. Just use a light pouring of water to remove dirt or grass. Then, if the person who lost the tooth is in a position to do so, place the tooth back in the mouth, in the socket and have them hold it in place with their tongue or by keeping their mouth shut. If the person is not in a position to hold the tooth in place, because of injury or age, then finding a container to keep the tooth wet is next. When a tooth is knocked out, we want to see you as soon as possible. If immediate action is taken, it is possible to save the tooth.

If you find yourself in an emergency dental situation, please remember these helpful tips and contact our office, Dynamic Dental Care, at (509) 466-2587 right away, so we can provide you with the help you need.
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At Dynamic Dental Care, we always leave time available for emergency appointments. If you are in the midst of a dental emergency, we can help! Call (509) 466-2587 to schedule your emergency appointment now!
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