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Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Spokane, WA

Woman smiling after getting her wisdom teeth out at Dynamic Dental Care in Spokane, WAWisdom teeth, which are also known as the third molars, typically emerge at the back of the mouth in late adolescence to early adulthood, most commonly between the ages of 17 and 25. While some individuals never develop these molars, others experience their growth without any complications.

However, for some, the eruption of wisdom teeth can lead to severe pain along with other potential oral health issues. At Dynamic Dental Care, we specialize in wisdom tooth extraction to alleviate discomfort and prevent complications that can arise and are associated with their growth.

Common Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Removal

The emergence of wisdom teeth can bring about various adverse effects, including jaw pain, increased susceptibility to tooth decay, development of cysts within the gums, and even dental misalignment. If you experience any of these symptoms regularly, wisdom teeth removal may be advisable.

Nevertheless, many individuals have their wisdom teeth grow in without the development of any significant issues. If you're concerned about potential complications, seeking evaluation from a dental professional can help assess your risk factors. Contact us at Dynamic Dental Care and we will be glad to schedule you an appointment with our dentist, Kyle Huish, DDS to determine the status of your wisdom teeth.

Procedure for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Only qualified oral or maxillofacial surgeons and dental specialists are authorized to perform wisdom tooth removal. While the procedure is commonly conducted in a dental office, it may also take place in a hospital setting for individuals who are at high risk of complications.

Local anesthesia is typically administered to ensure a pain-free experience during your wisdom tooth extraction. Alternatively, general anesthesia may be used to induce sleep throughout the procedure. It's essential to refrain from eating or drinking after midnight on the day of surgery to facilitate anesthesia administration.

Once anesthesia takes effect, the oral health professional will expose the tooth by opening the gum tissue and removing any bone covering it. The tissue connecting the wisdom tooth to the bone is then separated, allowing for extraction. In some cases, the tooth may need to be divided into smaller segments for easier removal.

After your wisdom teeth are extracted, stitches may be required to close the extraction site. Some stitches dissolve as the wound heals, while others may need removal by a professional. We will let you know which type of stitches you have received. Cotton gauze is placed over the area to prevent debris and bacteria from entering.

Our Assistance with Wisdom Teeth Issues

Our team of oral health experts is dedicated to addressing any complications stemming from wisdom teeth growth. At Dynamic Dental Care, Kyle Huish, DDS and our dental team specialize in wisdom teeth extraction, ensuring your comfort throughout the entire removal process. We offer comprehensive evaluations for those patients concerned about their wisdom teeth and we will provide follow-up care as needed. To schedule an evaluation of your wisdom teeth, contact us at (509) 466-2587, and let us assist you with any wisdom teeth-related concerns you may have.
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