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Single Tooth Implant
Spokane, WA

computer image of a single tooth implant at Dynamic Dental Care in Spokane, WAWe have extensive experience in replacing missing teeth. If you are missing a single tooth, we can help discuss your options here at Dynamic Dental Care.

It is important to ensure that you are not missing any teeth to maintain jawbone health and normal functionality in your mouth. Considered to be the most-effective way of restoring function and esthetics, dental implants are also beneficial to bone health and can help preserve it against bone resorption.

What is A Single Tooth Implant?

A long-term replacement for a missing tooth, dental implants are one of the best ways to restore your smile. Dental implants consist of the implant itself—a titanium screw that is placed into the jawbone; a crown (artificial tooth) that is attached to the implant by way of an abutment, which joins the two parts together.

Titanium has been used in medical applications for many years. It is biocompatible which means it is not harmful to living tissue, and after it has been inserted into the jawbone it will begin to fuse with the bone over the following months. This process of osseointegration provides a strong and stable base, like a tooth root, that can withstand all the chewing and biting forces of a natural tooth.

Why Should I Consider a Single Tooth Implant?

Single tooth implants have several benefits. If you do not replace a tooth you may find it difficult to eat certain foods or your speech may be affected. It can also have a detrimental effect upon your self-confidence as you may be reluctant to smile or laugh through the embarrassment of losing a tooth.

Dental implants have also been found to deliver health benefits to the jawbone. Similar to muscles wasting away if they are not used, bone loss in the jaw becomes a problem after a tooth is lost. This is because the jawbone is stimulated by the chewing and biting actions of each tooth. Once the tooth is lost, the tooth root no longer provides this vital stimulation, and the bone is resorbed. A dental implant mimics a tooth root to maintain bone health.

What is the Process for a Single Dental Implant?

We will need to confirm that you are a suitable candidate for the implant procedure. As long as you are in good general health and your jawbone is viable, you will likely be able to receive a single dental implant.

Placing a single tooth implant is a two-stage process. The first stage involves placing the implant into the jawbone. This may be performed under a local anesthetic, where the area is numbed, or with a combination of local anesthetic and conscious sedation.

After administering the anesthetic, the gum is opened up to expose the jawbone at the point where the implant is to be inserted. A small hole is formed in the bone and the implant is carefully placed inside. After stitching the gum closed the area is allowed to heal for several months.

Once this period of osseointegration has passed, you will return to have the crown attached to the implant. This part of the procedure should only require a local anesthetic as we will simply make a small incision in the gum to expose the implant, and then attach the abutment and crown to finalize the process.

Dynamic Dental Care can provide you with a single tooth implant, or a multiple tooth implant, if needed. Schedule an appointment by calling us at (509) 466-2587.


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We have extensive experience in replacing missing teeth. If you are missing a single tooth, we can help discuss your options here at Dynamic Dental Care.
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