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Gum Grafting
Spokane, WA

Young woman smiling after getting a gum graft at Dynamic Dental Care in Spokane, WAGum disease can easily cause the loss of soft tissue if not treated over time. Gum recession, the loss of gum tissue, exposes the tooth structure to additional bacteria and is also quite uncomfortable. Gum recession often leads to tooth extractions and tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. Gum graft surgery can relieve these medical issues, but it can also serve a cosmetic purpose as well. At Dynamic Dental Care, we use several kinds of gum grafts depending on your needs and preferences.

Variations of Gum Grafts

There are three main variations of gum grafts that we work with. The first type, free gingival grafts, are taken from the top of your mouth (soft palate). The second type of gum graft, connective tissue grafts, are the most common type, but they are slightly more invasive. This is because we use subepithelial tissue, which is sourced from under the surface tissue of the soft palate. The third type of gum graft, pedicle grafts are preferred when they are available since they save us from needing to operate on other parts of the mouth. This is a gum tissue graft taken from surrounding gum tissue, but they require a good amount of it.

Gum Graft Surgery

You will be provided with local anesthesia regardless of which type of graft you receive. This allows you to remain awake during the procedure, but it prevents discomfort and keeps your gum line numb during the procedure. Free gingival grafts are collected and then stitched to the gum line in the area of recession. Connective tissue grafts are similar, but we first need to create a small flap in the soft palate. This flap is raised to allow us to collect underlying tissue. The flap is stitched in place as is the gum graft to the recessed gum area.

Pedicle grafts are a bit different. These require us to first create a small flap in the surrounding gum tissue, similar to how we do with a connective tissue graft. One side of the flap is left intact while the other is folded over to cover the damaged gum area. This flap is then stitched in this position and allowed to heal on either side. It will regenerate on the side we pulled it from and attach to the recessed gum in its new spot. Donor gum tissue and tissue-stimulating proteins are also options to regenerate your gum line. These proteins are usually in the form of gel and they stimulate soft tissue production.


Prescription antibiotics and a prescription mouthwash are often included in your discharge instructions. In addition, we will explain important after-care instructions to ensure that the gum heals, and the stitches remain intact. This includes eating soft foods only for several days and avoiding brushing the gum graft area until it is completely healed. Over-the-counter pain medication or an ice pack can be used to relieve inflammation. Soft tissue grafts heal much quicker than bone grafts, and you can expect a full recovery within two weeks. We may want to see you for a follow-up appointment as a precaution.

Call Dynamic Dental Care at (509) 466-2587 to learn more about gum grafting.

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