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How Do You Know You Have Tooth Decay?

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Dynamic Dental
How Do You Know You Have Tooth Decay?Having healthy teeth is a vital step toward ensuring overall health. No one would like to have a damaged or decayed tooth because they neglected proper oral hygiene. However, no matter how well you practice good oral hygiene, you'll always have bacteria inside your mouth. Once the bacteria mix with sugary and acidic foods you consume, they will likely build up on your teeth or along the gum line, creating plaque.

Over time, the bacteria in plaque will produce acids, breaking down minerals that comprise your teeth' enamel. This can then contribute to tooth decay. If not treated early, tooth decay can lead to tooth loss. In this case, it would be of great help if you understand the common signs of tooth decay.


Toothache is an early sign of tooth decay. Dull or throbbing pain that does not go away may indicate cavities. During the early stages, you may experience pain when chewing a hard substance. Over time, you will experience pain when you bite soft foods. When the decay progresses, you may experience consistent tooth pain that can hinder you from eating or sleeping.

Extreme Tooth Sensitivity

The enamel protects the inner parts of the tooth, such as nerves. When the bacteria destroy the enamel, the teeth' inner parts get exposed. At this stage, your tooth may become sensitive when you consume sugary, hot, or cold substances.

Holes in the Decayed Tooth

In most cases, cavities form in visible spots, such as between the teeth or grooves of the teeth. If you experience a hole in your tooth, the cavity has progressed. This occurs when the bacteria remove calcium from the tooth. Since calcium is vital in strengthening the teeth, reducing it makes the teeth soft and susceptible to getting holes.

If you suspect tooth decay, our dentist will help to treat the tooth. They will use a treatment option depending on your oral health and the extent of the damage.
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