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Why do I Still Get Cavities When I Brush Teeth Twice Daily

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Dynamic Dental Office
Why do I Still Get Cavities When I Brush Teeth Twice DailyOne of the most effective ways to avoid cavities is by brushing your teeth at least twice a day. However, some individuals may still develop cavities despite adhering to this basic oral hygiene habit. Let us go over some of the likely reasons you might still be developing cavities.

Your choice of toothpaste could be the problem

If you find yourself going through dental challenges within a short period after changing your choice of toothpaste, then it is very likely that it may have abnormal levels of dentin abrasion. Dental care products with these elevated levels may result in damage, especially to the surface of your teeth. Regardless of whether you are using a regular toothpaste or one that promises to whiten your teeth, always go for a paste that has an RDA value of about 250 or even less. As you shop for your toothpaste, always ensure that it has an ADA approval seal on its package.

The back teeth are susceptible to decay

The molars and premolars play a pivotal role in grinding down food before it is swallowed. These back teeth have many grooves all of which tend to trap food particles after your meal. In addition, they are also more tricky to clean, and can thus become a breeding ground for bacteria and plaque. These factors predispose them to cavities and tooth decay. Our dedicated team of dentists may recommend tooth sealants as a way to safeguard your back teeth by covering the grooves.

Steering clear from toothpaste with fluoride

Fluoride is very effective when it comes to preventing cavities from forming. It can even reverse the damage sustained on your teeth to some extent. The lack of fluoride could negatively impact your oral health therefore it is better to include it.


If you are suffering from dental problems despite brushing your teeth regularly, reach out to us for comprehensive and professional dental services.
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