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What Is Bone Grafting In Dentistry?

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Dynamic Dental
What Is Bone Grafting In Dentistry?Bone grafting is a treatment to restore bone loss in the jaw that attaches teeth. Dental procedures (also known as oral maxillofacial procedures) may necessitate bone growth in the upper jaw, including sinus and ridge augmentation. If you are missing teeth or bone in your upper jaw, a bone graft may encourage the bone growth necessary to remodel the jaw and prepare it for dental implants. These implants are utilized for tooth replacement.

Importance of bone grafting for dental restoration

A region of bone known as the alveolar ridge anchors teeth to the jaw. The alveolar ridge bone encases dental roots to secure teeth and permits appropriate tooth functions, such as chewing. Without sufficient alveolar ridge bone, neither natural teeth nor dental implants can be supported by the jaw. If you have lost alveolar ridge bone and require fresh bone to install dental implants, your surgeon may recommend dental bone grafting. After tooth loss, gum disease, or trauma, most dental bone grafting operations return the bone to its pre-injury form. Bone grafting is another technique used to maintain bone structure after tooth extraction.

Types of dental bone grafting.

Socket preservation

This form of graft, also known as ridge preservation, is inserted in the socket immediately after tooth extraction. It fills the space created by the missing tooth and prevents the socket's sidewalls from collapsing.

Nasal lift

Your upper back teeth are directly above the maxillary sinuses. The sinuses may descend and encroach on the region initially occupied by the roots of the lost upper back teeth. Implants would be inappropriate in this situation since they would pierce the sinus membrane. Your dental surgeon or periodontist can perform a sinus lift to solve this issue. The sinus is raised to its correct location using this method. The sinus is filled with a dental bone graft, laying the groundwork for future dental implants. Contact our offices to schedule an appointment today if you require exemplary bone grafting procedures.
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