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Which Snacks Can Help Keep Your Mouth Healthy Between Brushing

Posted on 7/26/2021 by Dynamic Dental Office
Which Snacks Can Help Keep Your Mouth Healthy Between BrushingNot all foods are bad for your oral health; in fact, there are plenty of foods that aid your health. Some of the best foods for your teeth are raw, giving you the added benefit of particular vitamins, which aid in your teeth while also giving them a scour. Most people know about the benefits of celery and strawberries, but other foods significantly improve our dental health.


Most leafy green vegetables have great scrubbing qualities while also providing superior vitamins that your body and bones need. Broccoli is one of these vegetables which provides a minor scrubbing action and multiple essential vitamins for your teeth. Now, celery is great for cleaning between brushing, but it doesn't provide many nutrients or essential vitamins like broccoli does. There are usually certain vegetables that do better for specific tasks and goals. That is why you want to have a large variety of greens in your diet because they all give you something that another vegetable does not.


Fruits are a trickier food to get right since overeating them and not brushing after can result in cavities. However, fruits provide access to some of the best nutrients that your teeth need. It is concentrated inside of the fruit, so a little goes a long way in helping your mouth stay healthy. Lemon and watermelon are two of the best fruits that you can choose because of their high concentrations of essential vitamins. Other citruses and melons are good as well because they usually have some sort of vitamins that the others don't. We suggest that when you eat fruit, you then follow it up with some greens or brushing. If you'd like to know more, give our office a call, and we'll guide you in the right direction.
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