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Exercise Can Impact Your Oral Health Both Positively and Negatively

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Dynamic Dental
Exercise Can Impact Your Oral Health Both Positively and NegativelyExercise is considered a healthy activity, and rightly so. Exercise has wonderful effects on the body and can help increase quality of life, as well as the overall health of the body. If physical exercise is good for the body as a whole, is it good for the mouth and teeth? There are both positive and negative effects of exercise on the mouth and teeth.

Positive Effects of Exercise on Oral Health

There are positive effects of exercise on oral health. First of all, typically those who exercise are more hydrated, and water is great for the teeth and gums. Regular exercise helps with weight maintenance, and keeping a healthy weight lowers the chances of developing periodontitis or gum disease. Exercise also reduces inflammation, which is a major contributor to gum disease. Exercise also helps alleviate stress, which can lead to teeth grinding which wears down the teeth and leads to damage. There are many other benefits of exercise, including increasing digestive health, which leads to a healthier mouth as well.

Negative Effects of Exercise on Oral Health

It is important to be aware of the negative effects that exercise has as well, in order to prevent dental issues. Exercising increases the risk of injury to the mouth, so if you an experience an injury, it is important to get the proper treatment. It is also crucial to monitor the intake of sugary drinks. It is no secret that sugar is harmful to the teeth, and sports drinks contain high amounts. During exercise, breathing through the nose may decrease the risk of dry mouth. Dry mouth reduces the saliva production which is crucial for the teeth.

Overall, paying attention to oral health is very important. There are lot of things can be beneficial to the teeth, but there are also a lot of things that can cause harm. If you have questions about exercise and dental health, or you need treatment for a dental injury as a result of exercise, please give our office a call.
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