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Can Oral Appliance Therapy Help You Sleep Better?

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Dynamic Dental Office
Can Oral Appliance Therapy Help You Sleep Better?Getting good quality rest should be the goal of every person around the world. Not everyone has perfect sleep, though. For some, sleep does not seem to have the expected effect the next day over, and for some, hearing the snoring or their partner disrupts their own rest. Thankfully for everyone, there exist oral appliances which can not only help you sleep better, but can also help those around you sleep better, as well.

What is Oral Appliance Therapy?

Oral appliance therapy is designed to treat snoring and light to mild cases of obstructive sleep apnea. The therapy involves wearing an oral appliance through the night. The appliance itself closely resembles a mouthguard, and fits much like an orthodontic retainer.

The appliance is designed to prevent the airway from collapsing. When airways collapse and relax too much, this obstruction is what is referred to as the obstruction causing the sleep apnea. The appliance holds the tongue and guides the jaw into a forward position. By holding the tongue, it does not obstruct the airway. By placing the jaw in the forward position, an airway is physically kept open for clear breathing. These appliances are created by us following an appointment at our office.

The Oral Appliance Therapy Procedure

We are responsible for the production of these oral appliances, as such, a visit to our office is mandatory. We can work closely with your physician in assisting the processes for treating sleep apnea. We will examine your teeth, tongue, jaw, and airway, and might even require new x-ray images of your mouth. A dental lab will produce the oral appliance, and a test fitment will be performed by us to help ensure there is a proper fit. Following that, the rest of the work lies in just wearing it and enjoying sleep. If you have any questions regarding oral appliance therapy, please feel free to contact our staff today.

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