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Should You Eat the Parsley on Your Plate? For Healthier Breath, Yes!

Posted on 12/21/2020 by Dynamic Dental
Should You Eat the Parsley on Your Plate? For Healthier Breath, Yes!Conventional manners instruct people to not eat the garnish that accompanies entrees. However, when the garnish is parsley, diners who abstain from eating the garnish are passing on a superfood and its benefits. Parsley is abundant with beneficial vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that have positive benefits on the entire body, including the mouth.

Oral Health Benefits of Eating Parsley

The high concentration of vitamin K in parsley promotes strong bones, including teeth and their protective enamel. Parsley also has antibacterial properties - which can prove useful in preventing or minimizing the threat of bacteria-based oral health problems such as gingivitis and halitosis.

Additional Benefits of Eating Parsley

Parsley is nutrient-rich, containing significant amount of nutrients including potassium, folate, and vitamin C. Parsley also has high amounts of flavonoids, which reduce inflammation and the risk of developing cancer. Parsley contains carotenoids which promote good eye health. The vitamin B in parsley can help prevent heart disease. The myricetin in parsley lowers the risk of developing diabetes. Parsley also acts as a natural antibiotic, lessening the negative effects of conditions such as urinary infections. Glutathione, which is found in parsley, is linked to clearer complexions and skin. And the apigenin in parsley reduces the effects of hair loss, whether the parsley is ingested or used as an ingredient in shampoos or other hair treatments.

Parsley is one of many superfoods that fortify oral health as well as overall health. Our team of professionals can help our patients formulate dietary habits that will strengthen their teeth, keep mouth bacteria under control, and reduce cosmetic issues such as stained teeth and bad breath. Contact our office today for a consultation to learn how wise dietary choices can lead to long-lasting oral health.
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