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Would Consuming Fewer Sugary Beverages Save Your Teeth?

Posted on 5/15/2020 by Dynamic Dental Office
Would Consuming Fewer Sugary Beverages Save Your Teeth?
If you drink beverages with sugar, you will be seeing us at our office more often than if you refrain from the practice. Sugar is a great enemy of tooth enamel, so you need to take care about drinking any drink that contains a lot of sugar. The following information can give you more details along these lines.

Why You Should Avoid Sugared Beverages?

If you choose to drink sugared beverages, you can translate their consumption to “disaster” – a disaster for the health of your teeth and gums. Not only do the drinks contain sugar, they also contain bad acids, such as carbonic acid and phosphoric acid. These two acids produce a highly acidic oral environment – one that also makes the teeth susceptible to dental decay. When you combine the sugar with the acids, you will have a difficult time keeping your teeth maintained. Also, sugar supplies a digestible energy for bad oral bacteria.

What You Can Do to Prevent Problems

While you can consume fewer sugared sodas, it is usually better to abstain, if possible. You can fight back by brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, however, those repeated acid attacks will wreak havoc on the enamel over time. Instead, it is better to choose a non-sugared beverage, such as flavored water. You can choose from several popular brands on the market and enjoy just as good of taste with a reduced risk of decay.
If drinking sugared soda or drinks have caused cavities, you cannot leave them untreated. Doing so can lead to pain and a possible loss of teeth. Again, the teeth in your mouth are always an open target for bad bacteria. The teeth constantly re-mineralize and de-mineralize. That is why you need to see us if you have cavities to fill. Take a conscientious approach to your dental health. Replace sugared sodas and drinks with flavored waters and other similar drinks, and give our office a call today.

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