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What Causes Dental Anxiety (And How To Deal With The Anxiety)

Posted on 8/7/2023 by Dynamic Dental
What Causes Dental Anxiety (And How To Deal With The Anxiety)Many individuals experience dental anxiety and dread the thought of visiting the dentist. The anxiety can become so overwhelming that some cancel their dental appointments.

However, regular dental visits are crucial for maintaining good oral health. If you struggle with dental anxiety, you should learn how to manage and overcome it. Here's what causes dental anxiety and how to deal with the anxiety:

Fear Of Injections And Pain

One common cause of dental anxiety is the fear of injections and the associated pain. Many individuals experience heightened anxiety even before receiving an injection.

If you have this fear, you should communicate openly with your dentist about your concerns. Ask if alternative options can help to minimize discomfort during dental procedures. The dentist can provide reassurance and work with you to find suitable solutions.


Feelings of shame and embarrassment often arise when individuals haven't visited the dentist for an extended period. They may worry that their teeth are in poor condition and fear the dentist's judgment.

It's important to remember that dentists are professionals who are there to help, not to judge. They have likely seen various dental conditions and provide appropriate care and support. Avoiding dental check-ups will only exacerbate existing issues, so you should overcome the shame and prioritize your oral health.

Personal Space

Some individuals experience anxiety related to personal space during dental procedures. The proximity of the dentist and dental instruments in the mouth can feel intrusive and uncomfortable.

Communicating your concerns with your dentist before the procedure can be helpful. They can explain each process step, provide breaks if needed, and discuss techniques to increase your comfort during the treatment. Open communication with your dentist can alleviate personal space-related anxiety.

Side Effects Of Anesthesia

Concerns about the side effects of anesthesia can contribute to dental anxiety. The fear of feeling numb, losing control, or experiencing adverse reactions can cause significant distress.

If you have concerns about anesthesia, discuss them with your dentist. They can explain the type of anesthesia used and its effects and address any specific concerns.

Understanding the process and clear communication can help alleviate anesthesia-related anxiety. Visit our dentist to ensure you get the solution to dental anxiety.
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