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The Types of Food Recommended For Braces

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Dynamic Dental
The Types of Food Recommended For BracesWith braces, a change of diet is necessary to ensure dental wellness. People with braces need to be cautious of what they consume to maintain the integrity of the braces. Consuming the wrong foods could contribute to problems with the braces. Here is what you should know regarding what is and what is not acceptable as concerns the foods to consume while wearing braces.

Acceptable Food with Braces

Foods with less sugar and those that are less sticky are permitted. Sugarless foodstuffs cause less tooth decay while non-sticky consumables ensure less damage to the braces. You should incorporate foods like bread, vegetables, mashed potatoes, rice, well-cooked proteins, seafood, soft drinks, and scrambled eggs into the diet. You can also take chips too but ensure it happens bit by bit as you eat.

There is plenty of food that you can enjoy with braces. All you need is to take food that is not difficult to chew since with braces the chewing is different.

Food not Accepted with Braces

Hard food to chew is not allowed. These foods can easily damage the braces. Avoid foodstuffs that take a longer time to chew to ensure braces are still tight. Food like nuts, oats, coconuts, maize, and hard fruits like pears are difficult to chew. As such, they can have a detrimental effect on your braces. They could loosen the braces or even break them. Take soft foods that are easily chewable to make braces last long.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Although you may limit what you consume, nonetheless, you should adhere to a well-balanced diet. A balanced diet is the key to healthy living. Gums need to look healthy and teeth need to remain strong. Take soft drinks like fruit juices and yogurts to supplement the daily food diet. Soft fruits too like bananas and fruit berries should not be left out. Ensure to observe oral hygiene after every meal to remove food residues that are left out.

Find out about braces-friendly diet from our dentist. Book an appointment today!

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